Kathleen King:Reviews


From Gallery & Studio (Nov. - Dec. 2007, Jan. 2008)


From Gallery & Studio (Feb. - Mar. 2005)

From Gallery & Studio (Feb. - Mar. 2003)

From Art Papers (March/April 2002) "Reviews" by Bradley Newman


From The Chicago Shimpo, Inc. (May 25, 2002) "Reviews" by Bradley Newman

From ArtScope (Sunday, February 25, 2001) reviewing "Art Scene Chicago 2000, by G. Jurek Polanski:


From Chicago Tribune Books/"Chicago Showcase," by Donna Seaman reviewing "Art Scene: Chicago 2000":

From The Chronicle (October 21, 1996, Columbia College, Chicago) reviewing "Drawing in Chicago Now" at the Columbia College Art Gallery:

"Kathleen King celebrates Fall in her multimedia work, 'Day Kite,' where a leaf becomes her kite. She wrote: 'My source materials consist of actual leaves, collected and color photocopied. The original leaves are further altered by hand and sketch-collages are made from these, drawing and painting may be added'."

From "The Gallery '97" by Howard Newman, River North News (January 25, 1997) reviewing "Origins: Organic" at the Fine Arts Building Gallery, Chicago:

"King works in a variety of media, including painting, drawing, collage and monotype (unique prints). These multimedia prints, monotypes and paintings use the leaf in abstract and metaphorical ways. They depict dreams and fantasies instead of the more traditional settings in which they are usually seen. King incorporates more photographic-like references, because the closer she can show the essence of the found subject, the more fantastic it appears after it has been transformed."


From "15th Evanston & Vicinity Biennial Exhibition," by Michael Bulka, New City (March 23, 2000):