Mac Adams

A Selection of Public Works

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Universal Soldier (1991) Battery Park, New York, New York. This is the first major war memorial dedicated to the Korean War in the United States.

The twenty foot black granite structure has a cut-out of a soldier lined with stainless steel. Twenty-two mosaic flags at the base represent the countries involved in the conflict. This form is placed on a gray granite plaza forty feet in diameter which is also divided into twenty-two equal segments -- one for each country -- inscribed with the number of dead, missing, and wounded. The soldier frames views of the Statue of Liberty to the west and the buildings surrounding Wall Streeet to the east. Every July 26th at 10 a.m. light passes through the soldier and falls on the segment marked "Greece" in the shape of a small flame, symbolically commemorating the signing of the Armistrice in 1953.