Free Verses on a Day of Intense Sun

by Aurea Domenech
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



How these animals of the wood groan and scream today!
The sun comes back fetching the branch's crackle.
The house, the beautiful house, surrounded by ancient trees,
mourns from inconsolable pain.
Susan's mother is dead.
And I remember my father's funeral,
which was exactly three months ago.
Oh! Death's Pain, there is nothing comparable to you.
No bravery in the world can face the loss
of those we have loved most.
And life? What is life?
We are all ghosts of a forgotten dream.
Tonight, there is a party in heaven.
Let's celebrate life with colorful masks and no armor.
Because soon all of us will join and discover
The mystery and glory of being alive.
(How these noisy and melodious animals clang!!!)
How marvelous is the breath of life!


Portuguese original:


Como gemem e gritam os animais deste bosque hoje.
O sol voltou e com ele o crepitar de ramos e de galhos.
Mas a casa, a bela casa, cercada de altos carvalhos, geme de uma dor inconsolável.
A mãe de Susan morreu.
E eu, eu relembro meu pai que se foi há exatos três meses.
Ah! Dor da Morte, não há nada comparável a ti.
Não há braveza no mundo que suporte a perda dos que mais amamos nesta vida.
E a vida? O que é a vida?
Fantasmas somos de um sonho esquecido.
Esta noite há uma festa no céu.
Celebremos a vida com máscaras coloridas e não com armaduras.
Porque em breve todos nós descobriremos o mistério e a glória de estarmos vivos.
(como gemem e gritam estes animais melodiosos).
Como é maravilhoso o sopro da vida!



I want the houses of apparent bricks
in which the pigeons can rest with tranquility.
I want the day ever brighter,
tepid, with an ardent nebulosity,
when we can love the rarest of loves,
children, confused, running on the villas.
Drawing circles with intense colors
with speed so certain and exact.
I want apple pies and stem's foliage,
vines on the walls, of a forgotten green.
Because of it, now the emptiness is around,
as a fire that spreads without stopping.
In the air, no scent or sound, no goodness or evil.
My love, unmatched, cannot be found.
In all movements the insecurity is such
that has annihilated dreams and scents.
Chairs on the sidewalks, hammocks on the yard.
I want love, nothing more than kisses.
It does not matter the time I spent,
having as real the ornamental fantasia.
The current on the river has taken away
from the stones, inscriptions of love and desires.



Raise my soul, Lord,
So that looking from above
I may see clear and better.

Open my eyes so they wise,
May help people find Your way
As a chandelier lights up a pathway.
Give me a heart to forgive
The incoherent acts of my fellow men
So that I have consciousness
That ascends that lack of awareness.

May my heart never be far from children
And from the idea that I learn so much with them…

Raise my soul, Lord,
So that my body may be a holy temple:
Helpful hands that create, that contribute to the creation.
Feet those walk on the footpace of justice.
And a mind that, in a positive thrill, joins men and angels.

Raise my sould, Lord,
And celebrate Your peace in myself
Since my desire is to be close to You.

May I cast my dream to the celestial infinite
With enduring values as kindness, perseverance and honesty.
And there, and everywhere…
I may consider the vastness and beauty
Of my loft destiny.



What if I tell you that for centuries we were debar
From a panoply of marvels which now we raise?
Desires flashing up on our face - like a blaze -
Filled by the light which drops from a rare star.

What if I suddenly tell you that I love you now
And I remember all that you know by heart?
When the distance tried to blind us, keeping us apart .
What if I tell you that I dream and how?

What I remember, you kept on your mind,
A day of light and a day of mist.
We found to love is more than a risk.
But I remember how gentle you are and so kind.

Our lunch at The Art Institute garden,
When sunlight gilded your hair and shone mine.
It was like a déjà vu, it was a sign.
It was so sublime, our rhyme-sacred-alien.

Then a misty afternoon, plenary of rain…
When I cried while you prayed, I remember all.
It was almost Autumn when all things fall.
Our feelings together, a silent love, how could we sustain?

The past seems so clear, so clear and safe,
Drenched by the light and mystery of that day.
That very love finally found its path, its way,
As I had found beauty on your smile and face.

Now we will count what we have in advantage,
Instead of feeling sad, instead of feeling sorrow.
Let´s look forward the future, the bright tomorrow.
We have in advantage our past and its age.

The silver afternoon turns into a day of gold.
There will be no more tears, nor more cry.
We already wrote our story in the sky.
Now let it rise until we get old.

We got it just in a glimpse, for us it was given.
At once, it ws silent and sings so loud.
For us it was bright behind the cloud.
Perhaps we will love even in Heaven.



At the beginning he hit a fire.
It is for me uproot to say that;
He hit a fire into my heart.
It was when we just met.

Then he showed me his real face
Among his multiple and funny masks.
I saw on it so many traces.
Who is he, please, don´t me ask.

He is a man and likes to fly.
He is really kind and I know that.
He is an angel from blue sky.

Finally, I know he is away,
In his strange pathway
Whilst I am sad and cry today.

(Rio de Janeiro, February 25, 2007)




Clear Mornings of Guanabara Bay

Time is going fast
since I know you´ll go away;
and for sure you´ll miss
the clear mornings of Guanabara Bay.

On the other side of the world
the snow will probably overlay
everything except your remembrance about
the clear mornings of Guanabara Bay.

Sometimes we get, sometimes we mislay,
but all that we had before will always exist
Don´t worry and do think deeply
on the clear mornings of Guanabara Bay.

It seems that you lose what you like better
but I can, with confidence say:
Memory will always place more brightness
on the clear morning of Guanabara Bay.

Time is going fast
since I know you go awa

Aurea Domenech is an artist and poet born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She specializes in landscape painting using oil on canvas as her preferred medium, and often chooses local Brazilian scenes as inspiration for her paintings. She has had many exhibitions of her work in Brazil and in the United States. First in Winnetka, Illinois, in 1983. She is also an accomplished poet, having two books of poetry -- Curto Tempo and O Pescador De Sombras, which means "The Fisherman of Shadows" -- included in various anthologies of contemporary poetry in her country, being the winner of the poetry contest of the Rio de Janeiro Bar Association, a contest for lawyers, as she is also a lawyer. Aurea Domenech has artistry in her blood, being a relative to Salvador Jacinto Dali y Domenech, the Spanish master of surrealist painting. Three times UNICEF chose her paintings to be reproduced on their cards. If one could use the words romanticism and realism together, her landscape paintings seem to join these two aesthetics. These paintings look back to earlier styles of landscape painting, which is unusual in today's contemporary art scene as is their simple beauty. Her images capture an air of calm serenity while her colors are bright and vibrant, drenched with the brilliant light of South America. Aurea was in the United States to study at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the late 1990s.