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    The following projects are on-line
     at the California Museum of Photography
     University of California, Riverside:

 Random Readings (1995) -- randomly accessed "captions change the reading of an incident though charged photograph pointing to the power of the text and the instability of the image's meaning. The basic communicative function of language serves many cultural agendas, and Bloomfield is using the narrative form with a self-consciousness about its historical and social force." (from Johanna Drucker, The Next Word, Neuberger Museum, 1998).

 No Memory (1996) -- three narratives representing three simultaneous states of mind interweave in this minimal presentation of hospital corridors, war, and a "visionary journey."

Random Profiles (1997) -- randomly cycled biographies and portraits of women are juxtaposed  with each click of the mouse. Associations one may have based on the portraits alone are altered with each story.

Exile (1997) -- in-progress collaboration with writer Wendy Bishop and artists Jill Giegerich and Erika Suderburg. First layer in an on-going project with artist/writer collaborators. Disjointed excerpts from letters sent from overseas float on unnamed maps. The viewer scrolls through and frames the map/text fragments and may read the piece in a linear fashion or jump from theme to theme via cartographic symbols.

Hens, Cows, Canoes/Wallpaper (1998) -- a short story by L.A. fiction writer Nancy Krusoe is interwoven throughout the ordered images in a limited edition artist's book is digitally printed , 6 x 8", 65 pages. This is the edited Web adaptation of this piece as seen at the California Museum of Photography web site.

Trilogy (2001) -- a short narrative with animation.


The following project is hosted on U-Turn's "Projects" section:

Wallpaper Samples (1999) -- seen in an ordered sequence here, where colors and various decorative combinations metamorphose, the images develop a kind of syntax. The work addresses, not without humor, the impact and power involved in the overlaying of taste (values). The work combines and re-orders decorative wallpaper motifs using superimposition, fragmentation, deletion and inversion -- among other digital/collage techniques -- gestures which also become visual translations of psychological state. Media is 4-color digital inkjet Iris Prints, 18 x 24" on Summerset 330 RW paper, UV coated. The 35 images in this series are each limited to an edition of 5.


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Bloomfield Vita


1973 BA, Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley.
1980 MFA, Art and Design (Photography), California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA


     Group Show: "Comfort," POST, Los Angeles, CA.
iiiiiii"Short Stories: Los Angeles," sponsored by L.A. Siggraph

     Group Show: The Next Word: Text and/as Image and/as Design and/as Media, Neuberger  Museum, SUNY
        Purchase, curated by Johanna Drucker (catalogue)

     Internet Work: "(random)Profiles" -- California Museum of Photography
     Internet work: "Exile - work-in-progress" -- California Museum of Photography
     Solo Show: "interlaced," (Image, Text, & Technology Conference) University of North Carolina, Charlotte

     Internet Work: "No Memory," California Museum of Photography included in "Terminals -- the Cultural
        Production of Death" sponsored by the University of California ,

     Commissions: Poster design for MTA Green Line, Los Angeles, CA.
     "Random Readings," WEB Project, California Museum of Photography, UC Riverside
     Group Show: "P.L.A.N." Los Angeles County Museum of Art
     Group Show: "Digital Identities," Sheppard Gallery, University of Nevada, Reno
     Group Show: "Contemporary Photography: The California Focus," UCLA Armand Hammer Museum of Art
        and Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA.

     Group Show: "New Work, New Acquisitions," Los Angeles County Museum of Art
     Group Show: "Transformations," California Museum of Photography, Riverside, CA
     Group Show: "Underexposed," Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery
     Group Show: The Diderot Project, installation by Erika Suderburg, Southern Exposure, San  Francisco, CA.

     Solo Show: University Art Gallery, University of California, Riverside
     Group Show: "Digital Dialogue," Cypress College, Cypress, CA

     Solo Show: Artbulletin Artist's Billboard: awarded by LACE and Patrick Media Group
     Group Show: "The Frame: Multiplied and Extended," Security Pacific Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA
     Group Show: "Out of Bounds: Word Becomes Art," Scottsdale Cultural Council, AZ
     Group Show: "Breaking the Barriers," Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA
     Group Show: "Representatives: Women Photographers from the Permanent Collection, Center for  Creative
        Photography, University of Arizona, Tucson
     Group Show: "New Evidence," Laguna Art Museum, Laguna, CA

     Solo Show: Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco, CA
     Solo Show: Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA
     Group Show: "Presumption of Faith," Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
     Group Show: "Ten American Photographers," Konica Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
     Group Show: "Identity Crisis: Portraits in the Eighties," Center for Creative Photography,  Tucson, AZ
     Group Show: "Selections from the Norton Collection at RAND," Santa Monica, CA (on-going)

     Group Show: "Biennial I," California Museum of Photography, Riverside, CA
     Group Show: "Systems," Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery

     "The Next Word: Text and/as Image and/as Design and/as Meaning," Johanna Drucker,  Neuberger Museum,
          SUNY, Purchase NY, 1998
     Contemporary Photoworks Incorporated (CPI Journal-the Netherlands). Vol. 1, #1, 1998 -- Cover
          and feature article with reproductions: "Lisa Bloomfield: Storytelling and Pattern Recognition,"  Ed Earle,
          International Center for Photography, NYC
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     1989 Faculty Development Fund, New School of Social Research, New York, NY
     1986 National Endowment for the Arts, Visual Artist's Fellowship
     1985 California Arts Council (Artist-in-Residence)
     1983 California Arts Council (Artist-in-Residence)

     Los Angeles County Museum of Art
     Center of Creative Photography, Tucson, AZ
     Eileen and Peter Norton, Santa Monica, CA
     Syntex Laboratories, Palo Alto, CA
     California Museum of Photography, Riverside, CA


iiiiii1999 - present: Chair, Digital Media Arts Department, Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa,CA

     1997 - 1999: Faculty, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA
     1993 - 1998: Lecturer, University of California, Riverside, CA
     1981 - 1993: Instructor, Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles, CA.
     1990: Lecturer, University of California, Riverside
               Lecturer, University of California, Santa Barbara
     1988 - 89: Lecturer, University of California, Los Angeles
     1986: Lecturer, University of Washington, Seattle

     1999: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo, CA
     1998: University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
     1997: University of North Carolina, Charlotte -- conference"Mixed Messages,-- Image, Text &
          Technology;" Loyola Marymount University: Art and Art History Speaker Series, Los Angeles, CA
mii 1995: SPE South West Regional Conference, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
     1990 - 95: Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA
     1993: Cypress College, Cypress, CA
     1990: San Francisco State, San Francisco, CA; SPE Western Regional Conference, Monterrey, CA
     1986: Seattle Arts Council and Cornish School of Art, Seattle, WA; Emily Carr School of Art, Vancouver, Canada;
iiiiiiiiiiii SPE Western Regional Conference,  San Francisco, CA

     1984: James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA; 1708 E.Main Street Gallery, Richmond, VA

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