Felissia Cappelletti enjoyed a quiet and largely solitary childhood during which she uncovered and explored her innate passion for writing. Young adulthood was illuminated by many forms of art education and a constant discovery of art which continues to enrich her aesthetic taste. She now happily writes art critiques which proffer the idyllic melding of her delights in both English and Art!



Two things conduct the motion of human civilization; art and science. Art dictates how the future will look, science dictates the speed at which we travel there. Art forms running the full spectrum of purpose and style inhabit my life and yours on levels both obvious and concealed -- it would be absurd not to at least take note of them -- but more properly, to get to know them intimately, to see the art of everyday life, to see the art of extraordinary life, to see the artistry in the soul's consideration of art, to accept the palette of one's world as a reflection of the palette on one's society, one's neighbor, one's self, to realize that the canvas is ever-stretched and we, fellow artists, ever-ready to add another stroke.

Self-exploration may well begin with an interest in the soul's genuine reaction to the undeniable, everywhere presence of beauty. Each of us, reader, has valid opinions on art. Communication from person to person, the extension of ideas and perspectives relevant to art, equips us with momentum to carry us further. This is the intent behind my sojourn into the blogosphere.


Editor's Statement

It has always been the intent, from The Dumb Ox to U-Turn, that my publishing efforts support emerging talent, both artists and writers. While teaching an art course at Roosevelt University, Chicago, I was fortunate to run across a student with unusual insight and writing skills. I offered to give her an opportunity to develop her talent in a series of art-review blogs of her own choosing and she rose to the occasion. I hope you enjoy her continuing coverage of a diverse range of art events.

James R. Hugunin



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NEW MEMES/OLD MEMES:Steve Sherrell at 33 Collective Gallery, Zhou B. Art Center, 1029 W. 35th St., Chicago 60609 (November 2009).

8 ROOMS, 7 MIRRORS, 6 CLOCKS, 2 MINDS &199 PANES OF GLASS: Lauren E. Simonutti at Catherine Edelman Gallery, 300 W. Superior St., Chicago 60610 (January 8 - March 6, 2010).

THIRD FRIDAYS at Zhou B Art Gallery, 1029 W. 35th St., Chicago, IL 60609 (May 2010).

CULTURES CONNECTING & WHERE DO I BELONG at The North Lakeside Cultural Center, 6219 N. Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL 60660 (July - August 2010).

AFRICA'S LEGACY IN MEXICO: PHOTOGRAPHS BY TONY GLEATON at a 'Pop Up' gallery at 310 S. Michigan Ave, , Chicago, IL (until November 27, 2010).

JORDAN EAGLES at Daniel Weinberg Gallery, 300 W. Superior St., Chicago 60611 (December 2010).

ANTHOLOGY at Daniel Weinberg Gallery, 300 W. Superior St., Chicago 60611 (February 2011).

BEAUTY IN ABANDONMENT: Photographs by Candace Schutt at Governors State University Visual Arts Gallery (April 2012).

First Friday at the Flatiron at the Flatiron Building in Chicago(January 2015)

SKYBAND at Gallery I-80 (January 2015)

BRUCE RILEY at Packer Schopf Gallery, Chicago (January 2015)

ANIMALIA at Abend Gallery, Denver, CO (January 2016)

GROUP EXHIBITION XIII at Gallery 1261, Denver, CO (February 2016)