AN E-BOOK by James Hugunin

U-Turn Monograph Series #9 (2000)
Fiction, 148 color inkjet pages., over 100 images, 8.5 x 11 in.,

Tarspackled Banner by J.A Ellis as edited by James Hugunin
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Tarspackled Banner by J. A. Ellis, as found and edited by James R. Hugunin

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J. A. Ellis, resident of Chicagary, Usonia. Another Billy Pilgrim is lost in a time of fascist violence and secession. A 21st-century time-traveler's autobiography that recalls Fyodor Dostoevsky's anti-heroic protagonist's raves in Notes from Underground and the curious esoterics of Thomas Carlyle's Sartor Resartus. Ellis, a Gen-XXer, confronts the recombinant fascism of Gen-XXXers, taking the reader on a scripto-visual journey into our near future where the Goosestep is even more popular than the Soupy Shuffle.

A text from the future is found and now we are exposed to a "wonky" and "pingful" Newspeak, the vernacular lingo circa 2053 A. D. The tenor of this speech is as if French Absurdist Alfred Jarry and arcane James Joyce met inside cyberpunk William Gibson's Matrix, where all three toiled to produce a new textuality appropriate for the 21st century.