Rebecca - 4/22/99 8:48:21 PM
I saw Sue Millon's work while i was in Paris and fell in love with it. Does any one know how i can get more information on her and her work, does she have any books, etc. thanks :) r
James Steg - 3/17/99 9:08:02 PM
Thankyou for showing my box in the Ghost of Cornell Show. Would you add a link to my website? It has my bio and other recent works.
Doug MacCash - 3/15/99 6:12:17 PM
Thank you U-turn; we at the CAC are stunned by how cool this is. This may be the best exhibition catalog ever -- and look, it all takes place in a box! Thanks so much, Doug
James Hugunin - 2/25/99 10:40:35 AM
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Martin Sacher - 2/25/99 7:59:02 AM
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