Installation medium: procelain, sizes: approx. 4.5" x 4.5" x 1" (each)



  Yen-Hua Lee: A Road of Stories


Dreams, memories, and humor are parts of my drawing. I portraying some of my friends' stories, and I also recreate some memories in my life. Our body is a container. It not only has our organs inside, but also saves some memories of our life. For example, my friend told me about a sadness of his while we were eating something together. At that time, I knew I had some food to fill my body, but my friend's story was also filling my heart. I find most people are weak, and we need the strong home (body/container) to protect us.

I try to open my mind to find the kinds of memories (funny, sad, etc.) that I can use in my drawings. Chinese calligraphy plays an important role in my life. In particular, it gives me ideas and energy to create my drawings.

In every line I draw, it's as if I am writing a Chinese character. I feel very free and comfortable, like the fish under the water. I also try to use the spirit of Chinese calligraphy to build the construct.

Lines create some space in which to find the stories and memories. These spaces are containers. They show what we want and what we do not want. These stories are there. I know some want to open the door to look at the story in the container, and some want to close the door to forget the stories.

Yen-Hua Lee is from Taiwan and is a MFA candiate at Northern Illlinois University, DeKalb. Her media range from
photography, drawing, to ceramics for which she has won several awards in Taiwan and the United States.