This is a call for you to send us a proposal for a 
visual/verbal project that we can host on our site.

This may be an online exhibition, an experimental webwork, or whatever, but it should not be construed as simply an artist's portfolio page. We have a special section for that type of presentation. We will review the proposals and notify you if we are interested. If your proposal is chosen, you can either create the HTML pages yourself and ftp them to us, or we can create the pages ourselves, but under your supervision.

Send your proposal via e-mail to: or snail mail it to:
U-Turn, 454 Iowa St., Oak Park, IL 60302

U-Turn Projects U-Turn Projects
Pointing to Prisoners, James Hugunin (IL) Bread Series, Saudia Wadud (IL)
Image and Dust, Mary Dondero (MA) Resolution, a collaboratove bookwork by Group 22 (IL)
Hats for a Woman in Need of a Hat, Laura Dalrymple Cellular Deconstruction, Kira Simonian
M Lukacs presents Sexyless E-speak, M Lukacs Wallpaper Samples, Lisa Bloomfield (CA.)
Misfortune, Greg Ligman (IL) osaycanyousee, Lewis Koch (WI)
Wall Installation, Seoul, Korea, Michael Miller (IL) Two From California, Barbara Runge (paintings)
& Larry Vogel (photographs)
Deciduous Divas, Mural, Chicago, Kathleen King (IL) Red, Self, Moment, digital art at Zhaoqing University, Zhaoqing, China
Lovers Project and A Road of Stories, ceramics
and drawings by Yen-Hua Lee, DeKalb, IL
Cut-Outs, altered photographs by Keegan Goepfert (IL)
Nano: Stories in a Blink, artist book, Michael Miller (IL) Roll-Over Series, James Hugunin
World Time and the Time of the Clock, photographs by J. M. Magrini and Laura Ester, La Grange Park, IL Gratuitous Giving: An Anti-Capitalist Gesture by L.E. Don
The Poet's Vocation, J. M. Magrini (IL) Garageography, Lewis Koch (WI)
Tossed Rope Series, James Hugunin (IL) Peter Bardy: Outsider Art, Inside, Lynne Shumow and Dimitre (IL)
School, photographs by Howard Seth Miller (CA) and essay by James R. Hugunin Old Shoes, a photo project by J. M. Magrini
1936 / 2011: Updating Walter Benjamin by Nick Briz The Art of Rafal Karcz by Ewa Russak


Curatorial Projects/Interviews By
Julie Reichert-Marton
Alejandro Romero: Baroque Expressionism EarthWorks
MIRA: Chicago Artists of Hispanic Heritage Bert Menco Interview