13 September - 16 November, 1996

An exhibition of photographs and videotapes at 
The Peace Museum, Chicago, Illinois
curated by James Hugunin

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Symposium on Prisons, video clip of James Hugunin introducing
panel members at symposium (1996) 2 min. download with cable

Inmate, Joliet Prison, Illinois (gelatin silver print, 1992) Lloyd DeGrane

Curated by James R. Hugunin
Department of Art History, Theory, and Criticism
The School, The Art Institute of Chicago


Morrie Camhi
Lloyd DeGrane
Lucinda Devlin
Danny Lyon
Robert Saltzman

Dawn Dedeaux
Jeanne C. Finley
Cinda Firestone
Marshall Weber 
and a display of related imagery


I wish to thank Director Diane Grams, research assistant Heather Jelineck, exhibition preparator Laura Dalrymple Anderson, and the Board of Directors of The Peace Museum for their unwavering support of this project and their valuable assistance in extending the exhibition's reach into the community at large through the auspices of various prisoners'-rights groups, including The Committee to End the Marion Lockdown (CEML). Without the energy and participation of these groups in this project — their advice during the planning of the show and their vital presentations during this exhibition — the project would have much less successful. In particular, I wish to extend a special thanks to all the superb presenters — including José Lopez, Director of Chicago's Puerto Rican Cultural Center; University of Chicago Law Professor Norval Morris; Joanne Archibald of C.L.A.I.M.; Ma Houston Prison Outpost's Fahmeeda Newman Veal; Tyehimba Jess; and video artist and exhibitor in the show, Marshall Weber — who donated their time and ideas gratis so that the issues concerning the prisons could be brought to a larger audience and enrich the experience of the visual work on display. It was a learning experience and very inspiring to be surrounded by such committed individuals. Finally, I wish to thank the participating artists without whose energy, commitment, and risk-taking this exhibition could not have taken place. It was an honor to be a vehicle for the presentation of their efforts.

—James Hugunin, Curator, Chicago, IL
© Copyright 1996 by James R. Hugunin/U-Turn, Chicago, IL



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