James Hugunin

Photograph by Marianne Nathan

U-TURN had been preceded by the internationally distributed art journal The Dumb Ox, a quarterly, founded and edited by James Hugunin, Theron Kelley, Kenon Breazeale, and Leslie Hugunin in 1976.

The "U-Turn Monograph Series" was an annual arts publication that was originally founded in Los Angeles, California in 1982 by James Hugunin as a tri-quarterly art journal called U-TURN.  In 1985, when Hugunin started teaching at The School of the Art Institute, it was published in Chicago as an annual monograph series, each year's effort differing as to number of pages, ranging from booklet to book-size.

Rebirth in electronic form:
In 1998, U-Turn brought on board Claire Wolf Krantz (Chicago art critic and visual artist) and Jno Cook (teaches photography and computer technology part time at Columbia College, Chicago) to be co-editors of U-Turn E-zine, producing three issues per year.  As in the past, each issue developed a specific topic and guest editors were welcomed. We have now discontinued producing specific single numbered issues; instead, we have instituted a special projects feature (click on PROJECTS on the navigation bar for details) for which you may become a contributor. Let us help facilitate your project. We will assist in the design, etc. if you so wish, or you may submit a completed work on disk for uploading to our site.

U-Turn is not associated with any specific institution, nor is it funded by grants or other outside sources.

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View a Reading from Two Books by James Hugunin at the Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection during an exhibition of 30 years of his artist books, art journals founded, criticism, and fiction writing at the John Flaxman Library at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (November 2015).