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Daniel De Los Montero: Photographs CTheory, theory, technology, and culture Rhizome Internet, a new media art resource
Janice Tieken, Photography Texas Death Row, a photobook by Ken Light Uncomfortble Spaces, Chicago, IL
Amy Youngs, Electronic Media "Blindspot," by Darcey Steinke, a hypertext The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL
I Due Art 4 You Museum, Helene Smith-Romer The English Server, a data-base of essays C.A.C.A. (Chicago Art Critics Assoc.)
James Fischetti, painting/photography, NYC Rhizome.org, Digital Art The Renaissance Society, at the University of Chicago
Bill Fisher, No Hate/Political Art, Atlanta, GA The New Media Encyclopedia "Prisonr's Inventions," by Temporary Services, Chicago
Nancy L. Steinmeyer, Artworks Fuse, a journal of art and culture Art Museum.net
Martin Wilson, Photoworks: Records of Real Journeys, England Artcyclopedia, search engine  Welcome to Wonderland (an Artists' Posting Site), Chicago, IL
Pier Marton, Artworks Art Magazines on the Intenet N55, a Dutch Eco-Art Group 
Lisa Bloomfield, Web Works Artscope, a Chicago-based e-zine  CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY
Sandra Matthews, Photo Works What-You-Make-Of-It, edited by Melissa Stajda The Wassmann Foundation (Assemblages of Johann Dieter Wassmann)
Veronique Leriche Fischetti, Haitian Artworks Academic Research Sites, compiled by Leslie Hanson